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    Swap dimsum for the steam boat menu at Memories of China

    The steamboat, also called Chinese fondue, is something you must try at least once. And then, more often after you get easily hooked on the interactive part of the whole thing. Why? Because hotpots are light meals, yet rich without being overwhelming, offering a stunning complexity of taste without muddling the flavours.

    food8anchor5Chef William Tong is the man behind this popular dining experience, courtesy Ghengis Khana��s army and their handy metal helmets which doubled up as cooking implements back in the day.

    a�?Whether you are just a couple or a big bunch of 20 people, we can customise the experience for you. The broth is traditionally clear or seafood based, but it can be spiced if you like it that way,a�? he tells us. Tong adds plenty of variety to the basic soup a�� butter garlic, TomYum, coriander or ginseng. It arrives at your table in a neatly divided a�?steamboata��, bubbling away and surrounded by little platters of thinly sliced meats, seafood, vegetables and dumplings.

    The fun begins
    We quickly got into the flow of dipping our meats and vegetables into the simmering broth, letting it cook for a few seconds and then dunking it into the delicious sauces at the table. We dabbled between the chicken broth with bean sprouts, shallots, shiitake mushrooms and ginger, and the extra hot, spicy broth, dense with garlic, ginger, aniseed, red chillis and huajiao (Szechuan peppers). The cuts of meat and the seafood choices are superb, while the leafy greens add textures and bright notes to the meal. Noodles are great for mopping up the leftover broth.

    Rs. 1,400 upwards. At Vivanta by Taj MG Road. Details: 66604444

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