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    Discover the glorious world of quilting with Berninaa��s machinesA�

    Age is certainly not a deterrent when it comes to scaling a new high in life, or at least thata��s what Vatsala Kamat believes as she sets out to take up a new career as entrepreneur at 58. This, much to the surprise of her children and grandchildren who often ask her, a�?Are you sure you want to do this a�� at this age? Dona��t you want to just relax at home?a�?

    But as a homemaker, a�?relaxing is all I have done,a�? she says, adding, a�?It was time I did something I wanted to do.a�?.Buyanchor-1
    TSALA, which opened to customers on Thursday, is a boutique store for everything related to sewing and quilting. Apart from workshops by artisans, quilters, crochet and embroidery experts from across the country, the store will also have Swiss-based Bernina sewing machines for sale. a�?Initially I wanted to start a creative hub for women. But then I thought if ita��s just about workshops, it might not attract too many people. Thata��s when I thought of taking the dealership of Bernina for Karnataka,a�? explains Kamat who has been sewing since she was 15 years old.

    It was only two years ago that she discovered quilting and has taken to it like an addiction. a�?I was getting bored of doing the same knitting, embroidery, sewing etc. I wanted to try something different and chanced upon quilting. I started connecting with people through social media and became a part of Desi Quilters and attended many of their events too. Since then, I have been very active and quilting is catching on among youngsters and I am hopeful Bengaluru people show interest too,a�? she adds.

    As for the Bernina machines, there will be different models for quilters, embroidery machines and so on. a�?There are different machines for different needs, and the prices go up to `6 lakh,a�? she says. RsA�10,000 upwards.
    Details: tsalastudio.com
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