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Thespian En launches their women’s theatre with Wolfgang, about everyday problems and a dog

It’s been a long and fruitful ride for Thespian En, the theatre company formed in 1994 with the aim of bringing good plays to Chennaiites. With productions like writer Timeri Murari’s Hey Hero and a series of readings of Shakespeare, titled Ode to the Great Bard, in their repertoire, they are now celebrating their 20th anniversary by launching their women’s theatre wing. “With so many talented actresses out there, an all-women’s theatre is the need of the hour. And we decided to set the ball rolling with a comedy called Wolfgang,” begins founder Ajit Chitturi, who also dons the director’s hat.
Talking about how they zeroed in on the script, he says they’d approached (playwright) Chetan Shah, who “put us on to Vittal Rajan, a writer from Hyderabad”. The story revolves around the everyday problems of nine women, from different strata of society, sketched out in 10 scenes. “It centres on Mira Rajkumar, an octogenarian in Mumbai who still lives in the past, and the women she interacts with—from her cook and maid to her daughter-in-law,” he says, adding that Wolfgang is a Labrador, who is present throughout the one hour 15 minute production.
With a cast comprising mostly newcomers, of varied ages, Chitturi promises a laugh riot. “It’s structured like a series of conversations, which are hilarious. It will also take you from Mumbai to Canada, made convincing by our split-level set created by Victor Paulraj of Studio 7,” he signs off.

On March 22, at Sir Mutha Concert Hall, from 7.10 pm. `250 – `1,000. Details: eventjini.com
—Surya Praphulla Kumar


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