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    Witness a domino trail of 421 Jager shots this Sunday

    High Ultra Lounge has a special treat plan-ned for its patrons this Sunday. Opening the day with its all-new a�?Retro Themed Sunday Bruncha��, it will move on to attempt a feat to get into the Limca Book of World Records. The men at the bar will create a domino trail of 421 Jager chilling shots. The trick is popularly known as the Jager-train.
    For the uninitiated, the Jager Bomb is a shot made by dropping German liqueur Jagermeister into an energy drink, like Red Bull. The Jager-train gimmick involves lining up the Jager shot glasses in between the rims of tumblers containing the energy drink. Once the set-up is knocked from one end, it triggers a domino effect, toppling shot glasses into tumblers, and making hundreds of Jager Bombs all at once.
    The lounge has done domino trails in the past, involving up to 140 shots to mark new brunches, and celebrate birthdays. The number 421, this time, represents the height of this bar perched atop the World Trade Centre at Brigade Gateway.
    We spoke to general manager, Gaurav Mehra, about preparations for the big day, which will be attended by celebrity bartenders, Pankaj Kamble and Sachin Gowda from Pune. a�?Ita��s tougher than expected,a�? he admits, adding, a�?From the kind of glasses you choose and the distance of one glass from another, to the quantity of the Jager, everything has to be right, or the trail might stop mid-way.a�?
    He continues, a�?We are hoping for the best. But above everything, we want our guests to watch the trail (keep your phone cameras ready), have a good time, and enjoy the shots (150 ml of Red Bull and 30 ml of Jagermister).a�? Also expect Stolichnaya vodka, and Zonin wines. For the brunch, chef Myo will rustle up sakana fry, a special grilled chicken, banana wrapped fish, and chicken katsu. A session of kite flying is also in the mix.
    June 26. Rs 2,222 for brunch (unlimited food and drinks). At Malleswaram. 1 pm onwards. Details: 45674567

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