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    With the African plains as its backdrop, Sarah Graham’s Food Safari makes its India premiere this week

    What could possibly go wrong on the sets of a cooking show? Probably someone didn’t pack balsamic sauce or at worst, white pepper. But while filming Sarah Graham’s Food Safari in Antelope Park, Zimbabwe, four elephants gate crashed into the sets to get their ‘trunks’ on oranges, which host Graham had reserved for their zest — the garnish for her chocolatey cinnamon rolls that she was whipping up on the show. Filmed in the plains of Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, the 12-part culinary show will feature renowned food blogger and cookbook author, Sarah Graham prepare African food, fusion food and dishes based on her original recipes.

    Breaking bread
    “I grew up in a farm, which usually gives you a different perspective on meals and food. You are used to game meat, dining together with the family and the need to cook for extra people, who may just drop by for lunch or dinner,” begins Graham mentioning that her recipes are what she calls ‘un-intimidating’.“Anyone can cook based on my recipes as it is simple, farm fresh, healthy and just takes 15 to 20 minutes to finish,” adds Graham, mentioning that she believes in clever food. From the Zanzibari iced tea to tikka chicken skewers and slow-cooked goat stew with beery dumplings, Graham’s dishes through the episodes are a mishmash from regions spanning the entirety of Africa, with influences from Asia and Europe. South African sweet potato smoorsnoek to banana brulee with dark chocolate ganache and pumpkin fritters with sweet ginger yogurt are some of the exotic dishes Graham will be creating on the show.

    On the road
    “Though I can never do without avocados, cheese and roast chicken, which I elaborately use in the show, I can never favour one dish or cuisine over the other – it is akin to asking me to choose between my two children,” adds the Bitten and Smitten author, whose husband, Robert and children, will also appear on the show, mainly to sample the food. After being on the  road for seven weeks, Graham shares that she is now looking forward to exploring Kenya in November for Food Safari’s second season.

    Premieres June 13.
    8.30 pm on TLC

    —P Peter



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