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    Seventeen-year-old Piano at Savera Hotel gets a revamp, and how

    Savera is a happening place on Saturday night a�� no doubts there. The guests in their Saturday evening best pouring out of cars, are proof. While the party-hungry head to Bay 146, those looking for a full stomach look towards Piano. We, part of the latter group, are on our way to see what owner Nina Reddy has done to the old English-style restaurant that was started in 1998.

    The first thing a regular would notice is that they have done away with the wooden theme and opted for a bright, white finish. Installations of ceramic plates are spaced out on the walls of the restaurant, where an Anglo-Indian food festival is in full swing. a�?We have expanded from 120 to 180 covers,a�? says executive chef Mohana Krishnan. And in addition to the grand piano that has been a hallmark since the buffet restauranta��s inception, there is an island kitchen and dome-shaped pizza oven that also share the spotlight. A chef from Auroville helped train the staff with the pizza making, we hear.

    The fans of thin crust that we are, we give the pizza oven a thumbs up. And with the advantage of making dinner a more interactive affair, the island kitchen is another positive. Now whata��s left to do is settle down with some pepper water and rice, in true Anglo Indian fashion.
    Piano is open for lunch (Rs. 1,393 nett) and diner (Rs. 999 nett).

    Details: 28114700

    – Ryan Peppin


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