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The sound of classical music through the Trio Bircher Internationale

Bringing together pieces composed exclusively for a joint performance of the clarinet, cello and piano, Daniel Bircher, Joelle De Jonge and Bethel Tsuzu from the Trio Bircher Internationale promise a rendezvous with the classical greats. Their repertoire will include eight pieces by Max Bruchner, Serenade by Emil Hartmann and Beethovena��s Piano Trio op 11, famously known as the Gassenhauer a�� all composed to augment the sound of these three instruments played in unison.

Musical collision
Daniel Bircher is co-founder of the famous Winterhurer Symphonika from Switzerland. Playing the clarinet on a professional level from age 16, Bircher has performed in over 200 concerts. a�?I played with four other musicians from the Bangalore School of Music last year and wanted a repeat. So I contacted Joelle and Bethel,a�? says Bircher, describing the trioa��s unconventional style of using the clarinet instead of the violin in a piano trio. Bethel Tsuzu, with her first studio recording at age 12, has played in orchestras around the globe including the Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The Belgian German Joelle De Jonge has played with the Bangalore School of Music numerous times and is an avid environmentalist and photographer.

Intimate chamber
a�?The clarinet actually beautifully complements the cello, and the piano is always a wonderfully strong base,a�? shares Bircher of the off-beat musical trio that Beethoven was one of the first to compose for. While the famous Gassenhauer, with its popular third movement that mimics an opera composition, is cause for much excitement, Bircher tells us that the Hartmann is what they are a�?most keen ona��. The performance will be more intimate than a large orchestral one, so look out for an evening to be enjoyed by those with a love for a�?chamber music of the late classical and early romantic erasa��.
November 30. At Alliance Francaise, Vasanthnagar. Entry through donor passes. Details: 41285017

a�� Susanna Chandy


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