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Tim Faulkner talks crocodiles and Tasmanian devils

When he isna��t wrestling a saltwater crocodile, Tim Faulkner, wildlife expert and general manager at the Australian Reptile Park will be milking a notorious funnel-web spider to make anti-venom. The reptile expert tells us more, before his show Wild Life of Tim Faulkner airs on Animal Planet.

Your most intimidating experience
Oh, female alligators! We have to remove their eggs because if we leave them in their nest, they overheat and die. A female alligator or any crocodilian, while taking a nest are very scary because, like all females, alligators too are very protective about their children.

Biggest animal fear
I fear big dogs. I dona��t know how to handle them. Theya��re quite intimidating, but other than that, I dona��t know them.

An extinct creature youa��d bring back to life
The Thylacine or the Tasmanian tiger, extinct in 1936. Or a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If you could be an animal
A crocodile! What they lack in intelligence, they make up in pure instinct. In the mind of a crocodile, therea��s no confusion. Everything is beautifully simplistic.

Life on the line
Ia��ve worked with wildlife now for 17 years, and I havena��t been seriously injured. Ita��s a controlled risk, but there are really nice things that I get to look forward to. I get to milk venomous snakes and spiders. A little girl was bitten in Australia last week by a funnel web spider. She received three ampules of anti-venom. Without it, she would have died. We supply the only funnel web venom in the world. So I feel wonderful about that and my wife is supportive because if it was one of our kids that were bitten, then the work we do here would have saved them too.

Premieres June 1 at 9 pm.
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