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    Rukmini Vijaykumar on playing Rajinikantha��s sister in Kochadaiiyaan and her first love a�� dance

    Rukmini-Vijayakumar4Bangalore-based Rukmini Vijaya-kumar, previously seen in movies like Bomallattam, claims Bharatnatyam helped her play the role of Yamuna in the biggest release of the year, Kochadaiiyaan. Directed by Soundarya Ashwin and starring her superstar father Rajinikanth, the movie has VijayakumarA�A�A� playing Rajinia��s sister. a�?Working in Kochadaiiyaan was like performing on stage. There is no Krishna or pond or jewellery. You assume they exist and perform,a�? she says, pointing out that it was a dream come true working with the superstar. a�?The team was lovely and a scene that would take a week was done in a day. The best part was, as actors, we did not need any dress changes, costumes or make up,a�? she laughs. However, Vijayakumar did get annoyed with the head gear and the suit. a�?It would be so annoying and it would be on your face. I guess everything comes with a positive and negative,a�? she says. Vijaykumar is excited about the release, despite the delay. a�?I have only watched the trailer. I do not know how I look in the film. I am excited to see how an animated me would look on screen,a�? she laughs.

    One that matters
    Though the actor took a two-year sabbatical from films, she was busy performing around the country. In fact, she has a performance in Chennai this July, but first comes Jacoba��s Pillow Dance Festival and other festivals in the US.A� As for movies, she has another untitled film in Tamil coming up. a�?I do not want to take up too many movies. Even if I do one film a year, it should be right. Anyway, I am always busy with my dance performances,a�? she says.

    Kochadaiiyaan is expected to release this month.

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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