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    Headphone Zone helps you find audio salvation, with superstar cans and premium brands like the Italian V-Moda

    Y OU seek specialists for fashion, wine and art, but what stops you from doing so in your pursuit for perfect sound? Raghav Somani seems to have addressed this question with Headphone Zone, a company he started in 2012, and a webstore that was relaunched last month. The young CEO from Chennai has ensured that with headphones and personal expression gaining significance, we dona��t have to settle for earbuds that come bundled with our phones. Plus, requirements vary. Athletes and gym regulars sweat a lot, frequent fliers require noise cancelling features, and DJs and gamers favour meaty cans that are durable and lightweight, he observes. His website neatly categorises headphones as earbuds, in-ears, on-ears, over-ears, even bone conduction, and takes the guesswork out of your hunt for extra bass, wireless or Bluetooth. Brands, over 23 of them, range from the insanely popular Beats by Dr Dre (a�?a�?though most customers are young and may not necessarily know the rapper-producer,a��a�� shrugs Somani) to RHA, the company from Scotland known for its aircraft grade aluminium construction. But the newest member on board is the premium Italian brand, V-Moda. Preferred by scores of superstar DJs, including Avicii, Hardwell and Martin Garrix, youa��ll find the flagship Crossfade M-100 DJ headphones (Rs.24,990), the sturdy on-ears XS (Rs.14,990), and accessories like shield kits here. There is a privilege card, while a handy exoskeleton case and customisation features sweeten the deal. Somani, 27, is confident about his retail chain being the only one of its kind in the country. a�?a�?Unlike online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon that are about deals and discounts, ours is a discovery destination,a��a�� he insists, stating that superior sound begins with headphone amplifiers and hi-res music players. Theya��re both available at his estore, if you want to know.

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    Reiterating that good sound begins at source, Somani has introduced a Mixtape HD with tracks from indie artistes like Raghu Dixit and Bhavana Reddy. a�?a�?Therea��s folk, blues, EDM and more and it comes free with select purchases,a��a�� he says.

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    a�?a�?V-Moda is targeted towards DJs and they all have their own logo. Thus, there is minimal branding on the cans,a��a�� says Somani, adding that they offer to engrave any logo on the custom shields, which come in 10 shades and are in lightweight metal.

    V-Moda has a 12 ft professional cable for DJs a�?a�?who love to run around on stage.a��a�� A stainless steel Testa stand ensures your headphones are on display when not in use (`3,990). And the BoomPro microphone is good for gamers, Skype users and podcasters.

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    To protect your hearing at loud clubs and racing events, check out V-Modaa��s Faders VIP earplugs and the foam plugs from Comply. And to deal with tangled earphone cords, therea��s Rewind from Witworks, a Bangalore design company of IITians.

    V-Moda headphones from Rs.12,990. Details: Headphonezone.in.

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