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    Tasneem Ayuba��s Mughlai desserts get a modern makeover, a brand name and soon, a take away counter

    herea��s no one on the Chennai Food Guide community who has not heard of her biryani, and her Mughlai desserts like the zafrani badam have broken even the most strong-willed weight watchers. Known fondly as a�?auntya�? or a�?ammeea�? Tasneem Ayub has been cooking since she was six years old, and after years of sharing through classes and catering, she has started her own food label called Tasneem Ayuba��s Ammeea��s Kitchen. a�?Ammee means mother and most of my recipes were handwritten and handed down to me by my mother. Hence the name,a�? explains the home chef.
    Sweet and sour
    a�?The desserts wea��ve started with are khubani ka meetha and jamuni kheer,a�? she says, about the treats that now come in 500ml jars. The latter, an unusual Indian dessert of fresh gulab jamuns in a rice kheer, will soon be joined by more daring counterparts like a pumpkin halwa. A stickler for healthy and quality ingredients, Ayub is working on sugar-free versions too, and her pickles (a lime pickle and a mahi-mahi fish pickle available in 250 gm jars) are made with hand-pressed gingelly oil and organic turmeric, chilli powder and cumin. a�?The pickles are made with recipes I picked up over the years, but Ia��ll be doing a tomato pickle that was taught to me by my mother, soon,a�? she promises, adding that experiments like an A�clair in a jar and a a�?stuff your facea�� chocolate cheesecake are also underway.
    Mind the mains
    With a new centralised kitchen coming up near Defence Colony in Ekkaduthangal, her entire line of products (currently delivered only on order) will be available from a take away counter in the premises. And besides her famous Dakhni-style mutton biryani, you will also be able to pick up her new chicken marinades (tangdi, hariyali and tikka) and ready-to-fry shammi kebabs from there. a�?The secret to a good biryani is ensuring the rice, oil and meat are of the best quality,a�? she gives us a parting pointer. And if you want more on the spiced rice, book your slot at the Chennai Food Guide Food Consulatea��s inaugural class by Ayub, on April 11.
    Pickles from Rs 130 for 250 gms, desserts from Rs 180 for 500 ml. Details: 9884098631
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