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Parvaaz explores A�a new set of sounds through Baran

CITY-BASED band Parvaaz was formed in 2010 when childhood friends from Kashmir a�� Khalid Ahamed (vocals) and Kashif Iqbal (guitar), reunited in Bangalore. The group was complete once Fidel Da��Souza (bass) and Sachin Banandur (drums) joined them. Since then, they have released an EP titled Behosh and played at festivals like NH7, Storm, Fireflies and Roots. We catch up with them ahead of the launch of their new album and their gig at Vapour this Thursday.

On the album

Making music is our life, so no specific inspiration is needed to create an album. That said, Baran does follow a certain theme, and through rigorous revisions of songs, we were finally ready to put them together.

Picking the title A�Baran is Persian for a�?raina��. The title came to us instinctively a�� rain washes away impurities in the atmosphere and it goes well with the lyrics, which are about freeing yourself from worldly distractions and materialism. Also, ita��s a funny coincidence, because a lot of our shows (during the making of Baran) got washed away because of rain!

The sound
Some songs may remind listeners of our early days, but most of the album is a step towards the future.

Meaning behind the artwork

We only take evasive action when all is lost. Ita��s only when one is drowned by disenchantment that he/she realises the frailty of the world.

On the gig this Thursday
A teaser to our album launch tour beginning in High Spirits, Pune on August 13.

Stage versus studio
Playing live is an energetic explosion of our thoughts. Recording on the other hand needs us to be more precise with our vision.
At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. 8.30 pm. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com

a��Avinash Kumai


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