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    Rohit Ravindran is kick-starting the first night street football tournament along the ECR today, and you are invited

    Ask Rohit Ravindran why he started a street football arena along the ECR and his only answer is, “I am passionate about the sport.” Having started playing at the St Mary’s ground in 2012, this fashion and film photographer decided to do something about the dearth of decent football grounds in the city. “A friend of mine had some land on the ECR and I took up a portion of it on lease,” he says, adding that it took about two and a half lakhs to set up his arena, Kick Off, last November. Since then, he’s had visitors ranging from corporate teams (Zomato, HCL) to celebrities (actor Atharvaa) and even the captain of the Indian football team.

    11194429_536426936489468_7917095154523171463_oRavindran’s arena measures 75×30 feet, which is just a little smaller than a regular football ground and he hopes to set up one within the city soon. “I see a lot of locals taking interest in the sport and coming to watch the tournaments,” says Ravindran, who is conducting one tonight as well. “We usually get a lot more teams participating, but today its just 10 teams of four players each and the tournament will start at 5.30 pm,” he shares. Winding up at around 2 am, it is open to all ages and anyone is welcome to watch. And in case you were wondering how different a game of arena football is from the regular version, Ravindran explains, “Regular football fields have boundaries, while arenas have a three foot wall on all sides. You are allowed to bounce the ball off the wall or even dribble using the wall.”

    Kick Off charges Rs 1,500 for an hour and Rs 2,600 for two hours, with an extra hour free on your next visit. Details: 9962027377

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