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New ideas and concepts keep us busy and amused too

For a few weeks now, planting trees has become bigger news in Hyderabad than Donald Trump versus Hillary Clintona��s clash in the US. Hyderabad is going green. Not with envy, but nature. While there is nothing innovative about planting trees – they have been on the planet even before we have been – but my point is about how our city folks take up something churn it up into a frenzy.
Look at all the new ideas that have caught on here. The government has now announced awards for those who plant trees. There is also an added attraction of posts and other opportunities. With these new schemes, we will see people planting trees even in the potholes on our bad roads. No kidding. I actually saw this and the gentleman who did this said, “By the time the pothole is fixed, the tree would have given us two seasons of fruits.”
Jokes apart, I am indeed a fan of our willingness to learn. From Green Ganeshas, Raahgiri, car-free Thursdaysa�� we catch on to new ideas like a house on fire.
My grandfather often used to quote say, a�?The Bengalis think, the Madrasis speak and the Marathas act.a�? I am sure he would have loved to add that Hyderabadis react fast and positively too. Suddenly, actors were seen digging the ground and giving green messages. They are the same people who went around with broomsticks during the clean Hyderabad drive. Like my Hindi-speaking friend puts it: First it was jhadoo, now jhaad.
Needless to say, we are still ever ready for fun and frolic. Interestingly, the same folks who sweep the streets may litter it again. All we know is that we like a certificate of participation and not really keen on the rolling shields itself. For now, any action is good for a cause. While the mania for new stuff lasts, we may as well get our city cleaner and

Swapna Sundari
a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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