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    Global Adjustments Foundation shares routine advice through unorthodox role-play and situation-based games

    USHA Ramakrishnan, director of Global Adjustments Foundation, has been trying to share advice on matters of life for almost a decade now. And ita��s not the usual sit-down sessions with parents that children face very often. Her life skills workshops have a lot of role playing. a�?We give them a situation and ask them to come up with a solution on their own and try to enact it through scenes,a�? she says, recollecting an incident this January, where a girl from a poor family started speaking confidently and performed well in their group discussions and got placed in an IT company. Her sessions are open to all age groups where they are a�?guided by Ranjini Manian, founder, who is an expert in cross cultural training,a�? she says.
    Her upcoming workshop called Emojis…In LifeA� (for ages 10 to 15) is about how to manage studies, relationships and peer pressure. a�?They share their problems and we try to solve them in a fun way,a�? smiles Ramakrishnan, adding that they would be touching upon common dilemmas that children of these ages face. a�?We will also play simple games like hitting the target, where the kids will be allowed to choose the distance from which they will throw the ball,a�? she explains. The five-day workshop comprises of three-hour sessions daily, and is open to only 30 students.
    From April 25-29. 9.30 am onwards. Register for Rs 1,500 per head. Details: 9840520394

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