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ridhii-paul-richa-paul-rashmi-paulGRANai??i?? AFFAIRmera-mytra-rini-phalgunan
Sly Granny, a fun new restaurant in Indira Nagarai??i??s bustling 12th main road, hosted a pre-launch house
party this weekend for select guests.
DJ Ganesh took control of the music as the guests took advantage of the pleasant evening and sipped on Old Fashioneds, Martinis and more. Turn to Page 9 for our review.



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C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers celebrated their Founderai??i??s Day by unveiling paintings by renowned diamond-themed painter, Reena Ahluwalia. Reenaai??i??s hyper-realistic paintings wowed the audience.

Alfresco buzz
The Tao Terraces hosted Fosterai??i??s Frozen Night with Ma Faiza, who was accompanied by a flautist. The DJai??i??s deep house and progressive tunes had the party folks
dancing away under the stars.


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