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High on the beat

DJ Oof redefines mixing with his audio-visual performances

INSPIRED by the psychedelic rock of the 60s and famed for his music video mash-ups, in which he syncs music, image and sound, French DJ-cum-director JaA?s Elalouf, aka DJ Oof, is all set to bring his audio-visual set to town.

History behind the name.
a�?Oofa��, which is a slang word for a�?crazya�� in French, comes from the final letters of my last name. It also reflects my style, which is eclectic and experimental. I got the name in my 20s, and ita��s getting a bit harder to wear now that I am 41!

What are your inspirations?
I discovered psychedelic rock when I was 12. Sixties music is so rich with improvisation, freedom of creation and purity, which was very different to the pop music dominant in the 80s! In terms of the visual, the Yellow Submarine film was very important. For me, freedom of music and freedom of thought are very closely linked.

Career highs.
Cinemix, my album of remixes from French movie soundtracks, was career defining. I was the official DJ of the Cannes Film Festival eight times because of that.

Greatest gigs.
In 2005, I played on the beach, and did sets of French, African and Indian film music, which was incredible. A few months ago I was at Burning Man in Nevada, which is such a crazy conscious festival.

Whata��s special for Bangalore?
Elements from Cinemix, as well as my mash-up of Norman McLarena��s films. Ia��ll also be showing things Ia��ve been working on since arriving, including a video shot in Kathmandu, about spiritual solutions to world problems. These are music-driven movies, not documentaries or music videos and not fiction, but somewhere between those things.

What are you working on?
I run a cultural marketing agency that represents some big name music labels including Ninja Tune, the indie record label. I have one of the largest collections of psychedelic art worldwide, and a big aim is to open a psychedelic art centre. First, I have to find some financing!
`500 cover. November 14, 8.30 pm. At Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road. Details: 49653523

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