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Best of the best

Three well-travelled, high-heeled celebs talk about the best drink theya��ve had so far

Sport stars, A�actors and performers are globe trotters, thanks to their profession. The A-listers have access to the best parties, events and nightclubs wherever they travel. Badminton star Jwala Gutta, rapper Baba Sehgal and actress Shraddha Das tell us the best drink theya��ve had in the world

pg3-5Poland poison

Shraddha Das, actressA�Her pick: Finlandia vodkaA�Where: Chmiel pub, Krakow, Poland A�Her take: I was shooting at Chmiel pub in Krakow and heard someone say that if you are in Poland, you should surely try the Finlandia vodkas. They are the best in the world. I had mixed the vodka with lime water and it didna��t feel like there was any alcohol A�in it.
What it is: Finlandia vodka has 40% alcohol content. It is a classic drink made of barley and glacial spring water. Price: A bottle of 750 ml costs $19 Details: +48 608 041 000


Jwala Gutta, badminton starA�Her pick: Cranberry mocktailA�Where: Heart Cup Coffee, HyderabadA�Her take: Although I travel the world on work, Heart Cup Coffee in Hyderabad is where my heart lies. My friend owns this lounge and the ambiance is impeccable. Ita��s my favourite because I get to drink my customised mocktail. Only this place can give me a mocktail that my tastebuds crave forA�What it is: My favourite is coconut water with cranberry, pineapple and a few secret ingredients of their choice. Price: `200 per glass. Details: 33165788


Smooth operator

pg3-7Baba Sehgal, rapper
His pick: Makersa��s Mark whiskey.A�Where: Over The Moon, Hyderabad and Copa Bar in Mumbai. His take: Over The Moon is the finest bars in India. The crowd and the service is just what makes my dy. I am a whiskey person and I love their Makersa��s Mark. It is very smooth and the way they mix it is appropriate. It is on the terrace of Hotel Daspalla and one can get a panoramic view of the city from the bar. A smooth whiskey with such a soothing view from the top is something, that makes this place stand out in my listA�What it is: It is a bourbon whiskey that is distilled in Loretto, Kentucky and sold in unique square bottles which are sealed with red wax.
Cost: One peg costs `550 Details: 33165289
a�� Purnima Sriram


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