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    Actor and VJ Rannvijay talks about his upcoming film 3AM, love for horror and MTV Webbed

    f not for television and movies, Rannvijay would have been part of the Indian army, just like many members of his family. The actor and VJ, who first got noticed after winning MTV Roadies, has nine movies under his belt. Though he has noA� blockbuster to his credit, movies like Mumbai Cutting and Action Replayy did catch the audiencea��s attention. Now the 39-year-old is all set for the release of his horror film, 3AM, directed by Vishal Mahadkar . He is also busy completing an episode of MTV Webbed and is hosting MTV Roadies X1: Ride for Respect.

    More from the actor:
    My character in 3AM is called Sunny, who is very curious by nature. He makes TV shows and will go to any extent for his love. When his girl friend dies, he convinces his friends to make a movie about paranormal activities. But his main motive is to find a way to connect with his deceased love.
    Ia��ve been working in the television industry for 11 years and Ia��ve always been myselfa��depicting my real emotions and feelings. In a movie, I need to depict another character. Besides, I think television is a strong medium when compared to movies because a movie will run in theatres only for a few weeks, but a TV show goes on for months. Many actors, like Akshay Kumar, do TV and movies; even I enjoy both in their own elements.
    I really enjoy the adrenalin rush you get while watching a horror movie, the excitement level is also high. The first time I watched The Grudge, and you see the hand coming out of Sarah Michelle Gellara��s head in the shower, I was shaken. The next best horror film is The Winged Serpent. This is a different film as it is fantasy and horror. I also like Bhoot because it is well made and deals with very realistic experiences.
    I am doing an episode for MTV Webbed. I play the role of Sunny, again, who falls in love with a girl who teaches him how to take videos differently. I am this light-hearted person who keeps cracking jokes and playing pranks.Something happens and I get trapped with the wrong people. 3AM is scheduled to release today.
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