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    Hereai??i??s how you can turn your Royal Enfield Himalayan into a stunning work of art

    CUSTOMISING a Royal Enfield is intrinsic to the ownership experience and while Bullets have dominated that space, it has undoubtedly trickled down to the Himalayan too. Keralabased Grid7 Customs (located in Thrissur), give us an idea of what one can do with the bike. A single worker was appointed the task of transforming this bikeai??i?? within four weeksai??i??into a sleeker- looking machine, while retaining its core ability to be taken anywhere. The following additions can be made to make any Himalayan look distinctive.

    Tail pipes
    Firstly, the tail piece was removed and the number plate was mounted on the left swing arm. Afterwards, the exhaust system was compl e t e ly rede – signed and repositioned under the tail. The new stainless steel pipes have been made in a special way that develops more back pressure and thus more power out of the 411cc engine.

    The additional mudguard below the headlight was removed, followed by the stock meter and headlight to make way for the new unit along with new clamps. The meter cluster was placed on a brace fitted to the left side of the modified tank guard.

    Paint job
    Grid7 chose a darker shade of forest green with a matte finish.

    Cheap bestina Wider tyres
    The stock Himalayan comes with a 21-inch front wheel as fitment and a 17-inch rear. The custom bike runs an 18-inch rim up front shod with 110/80/18 rubber. At the rear, since the stock rim didnai??i??t allow fitting in fatter rubber, Grid7 crafted a wider 17-inch rim in order to run a 140/70/17 rubber as opposed t o the stock 120/70/70 rubber.

    Details: facebook.com/grid7customs



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