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(From left) Puneet & Jyotika Dhawan, Rahul Uppal & Ema Trinidad; Sajai Singh, Farheen Singh & Arjun Pandalai

Ita��s not often that our paths cross with the sinister and dark side of Bangalorea��s underworld. We hear hushed whispers when we fleetingly see swarthy men dressed in white (down to their foot wear I might add), swish by us in a hotel lobby, their multitude of gold chains and bracelets twinkling in the glare of the chandelier. We hear hushed whispers of names which usually have a sinister prefix like a�?Razor Raghua�� or a�?Machete Machaiyaa�� or a�?Slasher Subbu’ attached to them.

I think I espied one or maybe all three of the aforementioned gentlemen at a book reading by the a�?Reformed Dona�� Agni Sreedhar at

Prakash & Ujjwala Padukone

Prakash & Ujjwala Padukone

theA�Park Hotel recently. This Nietzsche reading, Sartre quoting, self-admitted a�?cold blooded killera�� was charming, erudite and quite alarmingly frank and forthright. His book is an unabashed exposA� of the sordid nexusA�between the politicians, police and the underworld a�� names, places, dates et al. If he is the voice of truth, then march on Agni!

Popular socialite couple Amrita and Uday Gokani pulled out all the stops for their landmark anniversary party at the Taj West End. We danced to the groove of a band flown in from Goa and shimmied with a belly dancer brought in all the way from Russia, while the celebrity bartender from Mumbai mixed up some mind-boggling single malt cocktails. It was a fabulous party as friends milled around the couple and partied till the wee hours of the morning, fortified with an amazing choice of liquor and food.

Ema (fiery Filipino) Trinidad, just about made it back from the Philippines to her own Chinese New

Amrita and Uday Goklani

Amrita and Uday Goklani

Year party at Yauatcha! Weary, yet party happy, she made sure all her 150 odd guests had a fabulous time. Of course, the brilliant dim sums and free flowing wine and beer made it all the more easy to enjoy oneself. Brightly dressed, boisterous expatriates flashed their chopsticks with pleasure as they heartily tucked into the fabulous fare. So, yet another ExpatLife India party was a roaring success.

Laughing lawyer extraordinaire, partner of JSA Associates, threw his annual charity art gala at the Ritz Carlton. Bigwig corporate lawyers from all over the world rubbed shoulders with Bangalorea��s elite. It was great catching up with old friends sipping on Italian wine and buying art, which only re-enforced the adage a�?that charity begins at home.a��

It might be the year of the horse dahlings, but Ia��m certainly riding a unicorn!


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