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    Ahead of her visit, Alessia Antinori takes us through her many dinner conversations

    As export manager and a winemaker for Marchesi Antinori, the Italian wine label famous for its Super Tuscans, Alessia Antinori has travelled non-stop. She could tell you a thing or two about cities in China and even Bangalore and Chennai, and their wine preferences. Admitting that both China and India approach wine differently (no surprises there), the pretty wine expert says the changes in the last decade alone have been significant. a�?I remember more than 12 years ago in China when I was doing a seminar on our wines, the people who where listening were asking me the difference between red and white wines and if white wines had to be chilled orA�not!a�? recalls the affable wine ambassador who is self-admittedly a�?a happy and very curious traveller with a camera.a�?

    Expanding on the China vs India debate, Antinori observes that China comes from a cognac culture and India from a whiskey culture. a�?Both are countries that have a great food culture. Both are countries that started to produce wine and consume it internally, and the two countries also have a new generation that has lived abroad and is extremely interested in wine and food. I think there are many similarities and a huge potential to grow,a�? insists the new mum.

    On the wine list
    A luxury, given their fantastic wine portfolio, a�?is Guado al Tasso and Tignanello.a�? But the good news is that her wines are now going beyond Italian accounts to include Asian and Mediterranean restaurants as well. She allows that new grape varieties are rising in importance. a�?Cabernet Franc and Riesling are very interesting,a�? she says. As for good matches at Indian tables, she highlights, a�?I love the spiciness in the Indian food which is perfect with the Syrah and the Sangiovese with its tannins.a�?

    Alessia Antinori is in the city to host a wine dinner at Hyatt Regency on February 26. Details: 61001234

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