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    Ged Sumner intro-duces us to the stress busting Chi Kung as a form of exercise

    HE first started out with Chi Kung over 30 years ago in London and was so a�?blown awaya�� by the experience and ever since, Ged Sumner has been focussed on sharing the a�?amazinga�� form of exercise across the globe. Ahead of his training session and free talk on Chi Kung, Sumner summarises the exercise form and why he thinks it is a�?the worlda��s best kept secreta��.

    What is Elemental Chi Kung?
    It is a slow movement form that involves things like arm movements, sitting exercises, scores of static poses, and numerous forms of walking. The aim of it is to align the body and the chi (energies) so you are more alert and healthy and build physiological and psychological harmony.

    Who is this ideally for?
    Anyone. It helps problems across the board. And it is not aerobic or strenuous, so has a meditative aspect too. Whether youa��re unwell, have aches or simply want to be more energetic, Chi Kung is for you.

    More on the benefits of Chi Kung?
    Youa��ll be more in tune with your body and when the right energies are flowing through you, the effects are amazing and immediate. That is what makes it a phenomenal stress buster.

    What is the most important aspect?
    To actually do it! You need to regularly practice it and youa��ll see the massive changes in yourself. Although there is such a thing as over doing it. So start with just 15 minutes a day and work up slowly. Too much of it makes the body unable to handle excessive Chi.

    How would you convince a sceptic?
    Ita��s so simple, you could just practice it while waiting at a bus stop. Unlike yoga or most other exercises, you dona��t need a mat or a change of clothes. It makes your body supple and healthy. Give it a go and youa��ll never stop!

    September 28, 4.30 pm at Ashirvad, St Marks Road. Details: 9880481114
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