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    All beefed up Adding a dozen new dishes to their old menu, Brick House Bistro impresses with a no-fuss tenderloin steak

    ITa��S barely been over a year since they launched in Anna Nagar, and we are back at Brick House Bistro for a tasting of their dozen new additions that includes more burgers and chili dishes, plus steaks, schnitzels and parmigianas. a�?I am ready to experiment now. I plan to remove the slow moving dishes from the main menu and, depending on how our new specials are received, add them there,a�? says Yeshvin Mathew, co-owner of the bistro that has a branch at Eldams Road now and a third one opening shortly at Besant Nagar.PICTURES OF BRICK HOUSE BISTRO, FOR INDULGE. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABU
    Mathew suggests that I try the Big Boy Meat plate as I can get a taste of all the meats in one dish. My mixed grill platter arrives featuring a glistening slab of medium well-done tenderloin, thankfully not smothered under sauces or beaten flat. Nestling alongside is a chunk of juicy chicken breast and a strip of grilled chicken sausage. While the garlic and butter on the bread is a tad heavy handed, the grilled veggies are fresh and crunchy, while the mash and the brown gravy make for good accompaniments. Though Mathew admits, a�?Since we are in a strictly halal space, we havena��t used any wine in the gravy.a�? I muse about not being asked how I would like my steak to be cooked. a�?Often when folks ask for medium, they are not really ready for it a�� I have found that medium well-done is the safest bet,a�? says the 24-year-old, adding that those who know the nuances of a steak can order it accordingly. To wind up, I choose a black coffee over their dessert offerings of brownie and cheesecake, while Mathew promises more variety in that section soon.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 700.
    Details: 26200766

    a�� Sabrina Rajan


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