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Go light on your meals when on the run. Try packed boxes that many city restaurants are offering

An early morning flight and meetings lined up soon after? Your choice to recharge yourself with food on the go seems restricted to those calorie-laden croissants and donuts, which are of course, a definite no-no. Well, restaurants in the city have now come up with food boxes with tasty and healthy food that you can happily eat on your way to the airport or during lunch time can carry the same to your meeting room. These boxes are of cardboard hence easy to carry. The food is light on the stomach and come in decent portions with nutrient benefits. We list out the places where you can take your meal box and go mobile even at lunch time.

Text: Saima Afreen
Pics: Vinay Madapu


pg7-1Hotel Marigold
At Mekong, Marigold, you experience something really unique. They offer Japanese meal in bento boxes. The word ‘bento’ in Japanese means boxes packed by housewives in good portions for their family members to be eaten for lunch. At Marigold Hotel, the box is available in three types with combinations of different food varieties. In one of the boxes you can relish, House Special Lamb, Prawn Tempura, Oshinko Maki, Steamed Jasmine Rice, Coconut & Dates Basbuzza. Says chef Taraknath Mukherjee, a�?The items in the box are quick-to-eat. We even have Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Khao Pad and Crab Uramaki in the other two boxes.a�? The hotel is soon going to launch the box-delivery service. These boxes are popular because of the health quotient. Price: `700. Details: 67363636


pg7-3ITC Sheraton
They have nine types of boxes both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. The boxes are designed for those who want to eat light. Along with the food items fruit juice or aerated drink is also packed. For example one type of box contains Achari Paneer Tikka Salad, Chooza Khas Makhani Tawa Paratha, gulab jamuns and fruit juice. Other boxes consist of items like Pesto Wrapped Chicken, Kim Chi Salad, Som Tam and Chicken Quesadilla. In a veg box you can enjoy Russian Salad, Grilled Panini Sandwich, Penne Arabiata to Shawarma and Kachumbher Salad. Price: `850++ taxes for non-veg boxes, while veg boxes are `800++ taxes. Details: 49251111


Trident offers varieties of packed food boxes. The range encompasses Western, Indian, Asian along with salads & sandwiches and quick bites. The guest has to choose the type first and then food items are packed and accordingly. The food consists of one appetiser, one main course and one dessert. These boxes are available both at Kanak and Tuscany. Some of the items are: Matar Kii Tikki, Moong Dal Ka Halwa, Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Chicken Burger with Coleslaw and Berry Cheesecake. Chef Manik takes care of the food in the boxes. Price: `895++ taxes for the veg while the non-veg box is priced at `995++ taxes. Details: 66232323

pg7-2The Westin
They offer interesting mix of healthy salads and other items in both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. The non-vegetarians boxes consist of Chicken Caprese Salad, Chicken Tikka in Malabari Paratha, Coffee Eclair and fruit juice. Other items are Organic Sprouts Salad with Chicken, Lemon Cheese Cake. Whereas, for the vegetarians there are choices of Cucumber and Dill Salad, Mediterranean Pesto Wrap and something as interesting as Tandoori Vegetables in Roomali Roti. Price: `875++ taxes for veg box, the non-veg box is `925++ taxes. Details: 67676767


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