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After a month long teaser, Honda reveals its mystery two wheelera�� a motorcyclescooter fusion.

It was probably the most exciting little thing to come out of the Auto Expo New Delhi, held last month. And word is that Honda has begun dispatching the Navi from its Tapukara factory in Rajasthan. This means that the 1,000 or so customers who have already booked the cute two-wheeler wona��t have to wait much longer. Apart from the extremely affordable `39,500 price tag (ex-showroom, Delhi), which was
an instant hit among bikers, Navi could just be the hippest bike you could be riding in the coming months.

Born ensemble
Though it has an Activa underneath-amotorcycle appearance, the Navi is way more than just a commuter bike. Ita��s convenient, cheap, young and customisablea�� exactly what millennials
who are just getting started with riding bikes need. The two-wheeler is probably the best solution to the classic motorcycle versus scooter argument, which pits college-goers against their parents. The
best part is that both factions win when they decide on a Navia��because, since the biggest fear among grown-ups when buying their children a motorcycle is the power and risks associated with it, Honda has taken care of both these concerns with its specifications.

Powering safety
The basic twist-and-go operation, coupled with a light kerb weight and efficient engine technology, will keep parents happya��after all ita��s just like buying a scooter. However, the way the Navi has turned out, with its motorcycle panels, will keep the kids happy, too. To add to that, Honda also offers customisation, which means you can own the vehicle in an urban, off-road or adventure
tourer version, along with choosing decals. This means a Navi will be an individual expression of its rider.

A tap away
You could also book it through the Navi app (available on Play Store), which already has over 20,000 downloads. Ita��s good to see Honda working at capturing the attention of a rather young customer base through not just an innovative product but also technology. This could not only mean big business for the company, but will also put the Navi on a pedestal as the coolest runabout that
you can buy under half-alakh rupees today.

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