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    I recently saw the film Queen. I went with no expectations, but when I came out, one thing I was sure of a�� it was amazing! Considering I havena��t seen a film that moved me to tears in the first 10 minutes (this one did), or made me laugh out loud every five minutes (no jokes) or made me root for the female protagonist (Go Rani!), in, well, ever, Ia��d say Queen is well worth the watch and may also help restore your faith in.

    The protagonist in the film will make you laugh at her and laugh with her. There are moments when youa��ll gasp because she said something so ridiculous, yet youa��ve thought about it, only not said it out loud yourself. She is that awkward girl in class you want to avoid, but who ends up as your best friend. And, if youa��re embarrassed to be seen watching a Bollywood film because youa��re old school elitist, then youa��ll be in a theatre full of people just like you a�� the burly uncle included.

    My dad has always called me his little princess. But I think Ia��m going to take that up a notch, and if I ever have a daughter, Ia��ll go straight to the top and call her a a�?Queena��.

    On that note, I dare you, men, feminists, children, skeptics, anti- Bollywood-ists, to go watch this movie and not feel a little warm, mushy and happy onA� the inside.

    Go for the daughters you want to respect and teach to be respected. Go for the sons that will want to treat every girl in their lives, be it their mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, girlfriends, colleagues and staff, as queens. Go for yourself and allow yourself to smile at the simpler things, live, and for just a couple of hours forget that youa��re a big mean man/woman in this big bad world.

    a�� Shagufta Ahmed (The author is an RJ and creative executive at Radio Indigo)
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.


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