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    A food festival dedicated to the most popular offering at Monkey Bar

    Monkey Bar is known for its burgers and they now bring you a festival centered around the bun itself a�� from breakfast concoctions to gourmet macaroons that share the same theme, in fun, quirky creations.

    First impressions
    We started with the seafood slider a�� a clear winner in the appetiser department. Mini burgers filled with a base of multi-grain mustard, a pan-fried patty of prawn, crab and fish, and a topping of lemon aioli. So moist, it melts in your mouth, while the seafood blends interestingly in a burst of spicy and tangy flavours. Inspired bites
    Next came the Heisenburger, inspired by the popular television series, Breaking Bad. Walter Whitea��s favourite diner food, the deep-fried country-style chicken came with a base of harissa mayo and lettuce. Simple and straight-forward, with a crumb batter infused with a mixed-spice marinade. The meat was perfectly cooked to a good balance of crisp and juicy. The star of the show however, was the Square Breakfast a�� a square bun filled with a square leaf of lettuce, a square slice of well-done beef, and (of course) a square fried egg. With a side of bacon, baked beans and grilled tomatoes, this one captures the a�?all day breakfasta�� concept nicely. Vegetarians can try the Go Veg Burger a�� a mixed vegetable patty, richly spiced and deep-fried. Also look out for the Towering Gastroburger, the Pork Patty Burger and the Bahmese Burger.

    Grand finale
    A charming surprise arrives at the end a�� The Mobar Macaroon. A little round pastry turned into a burger look-a-like with a brown sesame-crusted shell, filled with fresh mint leaf (lettuce), a sliver of white chocolate (cheese), red velvet cream (tomato) and caramelised chocolate ganache (meat). A definite winner in both looks and taste (Rs.95 for two).

    Till December 14.
    Rs1,000. At Wood Street.
    Details: 41116878
    a��Susanna Chandy



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