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With breakfast on till twelve and haleem all through the year, Spice It Ai??at Ibis offers Ai??more than just a local touch

or corporate jet-setters who wake up at wee hours, rush to their engagements in a new city and then head out to the airport again, a delectable multi-cuisine spread can be a source of comfort. Thatai??i??s why, the 24-hour restaurant, Spice It by Ibis from the Accor Hotels group takes additional care to serve a delectable spread made of fresh ingredients. ai???The eatery caters to the guests of the hotel and the software professionals in and out of Hi-Tec city who are always on the look out for a new place to catch a break, post work,ai??? says Rubin Cherian, general manager.

Colour and craft
As you enter the premises of the corporate hotel, the signature Ibis colours of red and peach, the artwork on the ceiling featuring monuments from the city, offers a fitting welcome. The see-through glass decor, oodles of natural light and coloured bottles in the bar counter (they are yet to acquire their liquor license though) lift your spirits even before you dig into your sumptuous spread. The photographic images depicting Hyderabadi monuments could be an apt welcome for those who have stepped into the city or the first time. The management believes in an interactive dining experience, conversing with them, understanding their tastes and preferences and encouraging the concept of live kitchen.

Zovirax cream generic brand Sumptuous spread
We started our meal with the soup of the day ai??i?? Minestrone. This warm, thick preparation with the addition of finely chopped vegetables, pasta and beans was comforting and served hot. A perfect panacea for the travel weary would be suitable definition. If you want to begin with Hyderabadi dishes, try the marag instead. This traditional spicy soup with tenderly cooked mutton could be the ideal starter as well. The menu here is divided into Indian, Western and Oriental specialities apart from its signature Great Indian Breakfast which is available from 4 am till noon.

Next, we tried fish and chips: the beer batter fried basa with French fries and tartar sauce: This would be ideal with your cup of joe. The deep-fried fish was crunchy and the tartar dip was flavourful.
We tried the boti kebab; the meat was soft and the mint chutney went well with it. The meat ball lasagna can be quite filling in itself. ai???It could be of some interest to people travelling here and want to taste Hyderabadi haleem as it is available over here not only during Ramazan but round the year,ai??? says Punit Kumar, chef and beverage manager.
Also, there is keema gosht, sarson machchi and subz meloni in case going desi is on your mind. It would be fair to say that the Hyderabadi section of the menu fares better than the others. The presentation of the desserts and drinks, be it the lemon tarts or the miniature rasgullas and double ka meetha in jars or buttermilk in electric bulbs make for attractive features on the table.
Price for two: `1,200++ taxes.

ai??i?? Paulami Sen