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Get quirky bumper stickers that look like you, your folks, and even your pets

If youa��ve spotted these cute family stickers on cars in the city lately, bringing a smile during those traffic snarls, you have Cherian Kunnath, and Neetu Verma to thank. The duo runs The Indian Family Sticker that sells bumper stickers that capture the quirks of desi families.
So if you wish to send out a�?We are a happy Kannadiga familya�� message, look up the a�?Kannadiga Familya�� under their a�?Where youa��re froma�� category. These include dad, mom, granddad, grand mom, kids, and dog stickers. Drag stickers of your choice on the virtual windshield on their site, and checkout for transaction. Similarly, you can choose from different Indian communities. Each set of family stickers is different, and personalised to the quirks of the region a�� from their attire, kitchen utensil, to hobbies (cricket, kite flying to reading).
If the car owner wants to make a point about his profession, instead, he/she can click a�?What you doa�� tab. It has stickers for engineers, doctors, lawyers, and writers. We found the a�?petrol headsa��, a�?brunchersa��, and a�?musiciansa�� rather cute. The a�?corporatesa�� took the cake. Here the entire family a�� mom, dad, kids, and grannies a�� has a gadget in hand.
The Bengaluru-based venture offers 111 characters for now. It is working on a new range of decals for sportsmen, and chefs, as well as colour stickers. a�?The designs are made in-house by our illustrators, who come up with a story, and even a name for every character,a�? Verma tells us. A few names include the fitness couple a�?Deadlift Dhananjayaa�� and a�?Pilates Priyaa��, or the IT duo of a�?Query Jagdisha�� and a�?Python Priyaa��.


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