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    A�With gluten freeA� offerings in ragi, jowarA� and bajra, The PizzaazA� encourages you toA� eat a healthy pie

    After consulting with a nutritionist, popular pizza delivery outlet turned restaurant, The Pizzaaz, has launched a First In Taste or FIT menu targeted at the health conscious. The menu, at the Mylapore-based restaurant, introduces baked starters, whole wheat pastas and their speciality, thin-crust pizzas featuring a gluten-free/whole wheat/multigrain base.
    Still, some of their a�?healthya�� choices appear only relatively so a�� jacket potatoes with cheese and herbs (often featured in regular menus) and baked chicken wings (`150). Dessert is a fruit-filled calzone (made with maida) with sugar substitutes and honey (Rs 125), that chef Balaji (formerly of Tuscana and Bella Ciao) created for a diabetic customer who was dismayed at being unable to have dessert.
    Tasting, testing On a quick visit, we try the gluten-free pizza topped with low-fat cheese, broccoli and chicken over tomato sauce. The crust was made with ragi, jowar and bajra with a palak puree used as a binding agent, instead of the xanthan gum that is usually used in gluten-free products. The chef believes in regularly experimenting with ingredients and textures. The flavours are definitely unusual and go well with the toppings, though the base is softer than the regular thin crust pizza. Balaji says this is intentionally done to make it easier for young children and the elderly to bite into the pizza.
    Shots and more
    The menu also features health shots. We are served a gooseberry-ginger-mint concoction that tastes aggressively healthy (and a bit like a punishment). Perhaps they should have put the sugar substitutes in the shot and allowed the dessert to be just sweetened by the fruit and honey. The nine-inch pizzas are priced at Rs 400. Veg toppings are Rs 40 each and non vegetarian are Rs 75 each. Details: thepizzaaz.com, 42150150

    a�� Ranjitha Gunasekaran


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