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A new restaurant has come to A�town promising to offer unique Thai, Chinese and Malaysian delights

New city restaurant promises a blend of cuisines

The Wonton restaurant opened its doors to the city food lovers at Hitec City. This one located on the second floor of a commercial building diagonally opposite Cyber Gateway promises to offer authentic South Asian cuisines of Thailand, China and Malaysia.
The food
The restaurant is owned by a young entrepreneur named Anudeep. He says, a�?Our chef has been with us for the past 15 years. Hea��s worked in major restaurants in Singapore and knows well enough about Malaysian cuisine. Thata��s how we decided to add the food of Malaysia on our menu.a�?
Chinese and Thai food is popular enough and easily available in the city, but they claim to specialise in Malaysian cuisine as there are not many restaurants in the city that offer the same.
On their menu card, you get to see the dishes like Malaysian Penag Veg Soup that has blue ginger and is served with broiled rice floating on the top. The dish, however, needs to be ordered 45 minutes beforehand.
They also have Popipa, traditional Malaysian veg spring roll; Mee Goren, spicy soft fried noodles with the chosen meat and salads like Godo Godo, Yam Woon Sen and Seafood Lemon Salad. Prices start from `145++ taxes.
Taste and portion
What we tasted was Chinese food with starters like Fried Baby Corn in Sweet and Sour Sauce. With it came Eight Treasure Vegetables along with Fried Rice. Though the portions suffice for one person, the dishes tasted quite similar to each other especially when the chef chose to add chopped fresh coriander leaves in all the dishes. Noodles too had its fair share of coriander leaves. The tailpiece was Phuket Fish which was served as a fried rectangular piece topped with coriander leaves. The fish had soaked in the spices and oil well.
The ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with hanging birds that are specimens of Origami Art. They add mystery to the dim-lit restuarant.
The space is limited, so book your table in advance. The low-seating arrangement adds an interesting dimension. Wish the furniture in the entire resturant was retained that way. Details: 64643333
a�� Saima Afreen


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