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This season you can savour treasures from deep waters like fish fillets or shrimp preparations for that healthy New Year start.

Ita��s mid-January and now the party time is almost over. So ita��s time to gorge upon steamed delicacies and give a miss to those oily-greasy spicy delicacies for a fresh start this year. City restaurants have different steamed items on offer such as steamed fish prawn fillet wrapped in a green leaf, steamed fish with braised cabbage and an assortment of other differently prepared fish delights. For the vegetarians we pick Quinoa Patties. Not only are these quite tasty but are also packed with nutrients which are retained thanks to the steaming and braising methods used for cooking. We take a look.

Crispy SalmonA�with Lentils
Ita��s a delight from Hotel Westin at its restaurant Seasonal Taste. Salmon fillets are cooked with ceyenne and cooked in oven till its skin turns crispy. It is served with lentils combined with prosciutto, shallots and bay leafs. The fillet is served atop a dollop of lentils topped with some balsamic essence. Price: Rs.A�1,075 ++ taxes. Details: 67676305


Bhapa Chingri

Bhapa Sorshe Chingri
Now, this one Bengali dish that wins everybodya��s heart thanks to the steamed variety and the smell of leaf in which the shrimp is wrapped. At Sheraton you get Bhapa Sorshe Chingri cooked in mustard paste, poppy paste and yogurt . Says chef Satish Kumar, “We wrap it in a banana leaf and then steam. In 15-20 minutes the chingri is juicily cooked.” It is served with hot steamed rice. Price: Rs.A�599++ taxes. Details: 49251187



Steamed Vietnamese BasaSteamed Vietnamese Basa
Thankfully ita��s not that piece of fish dripping with a lot of mustard oil and pungent onion-seed paste. Hotel Lemon Tree, Gachibowli offers the Basa Fillet. This dish is prepared using coriander roots, Thai bird chili, lemon juice and fish sauce. Says executive chef Rajeev Janveja, a�?The dish is steamed till the fillets are properly done. We dona��t use coriander leaves but coriander roots for that special flavour.a�? No oil is added to the dish and it is served hot garnished with Thai bird chili and lemon slices. Price: Rs.A�700++ taxes. Details: 44141414


Steamed Quinoa Patties Steamed Quinoa Patties
Ita��s a vegetarian delight from Steak House. These meatless patties can be had with burgers. Chef Inam Khan tells, a�?I mix uncooked quinoa with asparagus, tahina, chopped avocado, paprika, capers and then cook the patties with steaming method.a�? The patties are served hot with sauteed vegetables. Price: Rs.A�550++ taxes. Details: 69994858


Steamed Red Snapper


Steamed Red SnapperA�with Dry Sherry
Ita��s that yummy dish which is cooked with light and dark soya sauces. At Marriott Hotel the fish oa�� fillets are prepared using thin cuts on the sides so that they can soak in the juices, sauces and condiments nicely. For the unique flavour some dry sherry is added to the dish and then it is put on a steamer. Says chef Yogender Pal, a�?For extra flavour we add sesame oil to the dish. Ita��s served hot with jasmine flavoured rice.a�?
Price: Rs. 650++ taxes. Details: 27522999


Steamed Fish withA�Braised Baby PakchoiBraised Baby Pak choi
Well, this Chinese cabbage is quite a healthy and nutritious option. Ita��s an amazing combination when served with steamed fish. At Taj Krishna, the slices of the fish are marinated with egg, cornflour and salt. The fish pieces are steamed for six minutes and then both the fish and Chinese Pakchoi. Other ingredients are added and the fish is singed with smoking hot oil. Ita��s served with sticky rice.
Price: Rs.A�1,250++ taxes. Details: 66662323]

(Text: Saima Afreen)


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