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img_9382   As I sit down to write this column, it feels, yet again, like I’ve awoken from a strange dream. Despite all that the city has been through, people are already out and about, helping each other take the next few steps forward. I, for one, am so looking forward to Christmas, and I’m pretty sure all of you feel the same way. I will admit though that I’ve been a little lazy on that front, and I am only just bringing out and dusting off the ole Christmas tree. But before we get into the Yuletide festivities and what’s in store, here are a few updates from this week.
I managed to make a quick visit to Bengaluru to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and of course, what started off as a ‘small group’ ended up with a ginormous bunch of people, a mix of Chennai and Bengaluru ‘peeps’ all ready to have some fun.farzi-cafe

The trip included lots of food and the local brew (which any visit to the city would not be complete without), as we proceeded to conquer menu after menu. Our favourites included some serious stuffing face at Farzi Cafe, a little stock market dabbling at Tipsy Bull and lots of dancing at One Night in Bangkok. Good thing we had all of the next day to recover, with a lazy brunch at the Bangalore Club.
Meanwhile, a couple of days before the turbulent winds came knocking at the city’s doors, metal fans found themselves enthralled by the legendary Jeff Loomis, at Vapor, the Feathers Hotel. With accompanying acts like Eccentric Pendulum from Bengaluru and Spine Shatter and Kraven Experience from the city, there was something in it for everybody, with opportunities to sing along with their idol at close quarters.
While the storm took the wind out of the city’s lungs, Chennai is slowly yet steadily getting back on its feet. With Christmas around the corner, the gloom of the week gone by is sure to make way for a much-needed revival of festive spirit.
— paloma@newindianexpress.com

Paloma Rao