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    The second edition of Udaipur World Music Festival features 150 artistes from over 16 countries

    Rajasthan is not just the land of palaces and forts anymore. While the literati flock to Jaipur in January, Udaipur welcomes world music aficionados over the Valentineai??i??s weekend. Expect to hear everything from the bittersweet strains of a Balkanic guitar to traditional Sufi tunes at the two-day-long Udaipur World Music Festival organised by Delhi-based Seher group. Spread across two venuesai??i??the idyllic Fatehsagar Paal and Gandhi Groundai??i??the multi-genre event boasts an eclectic mix of celebrated and underground artistes from across the globe including Indian acts like Kabir Cafe, Parvaaz, Swarathma, Advaita and Dhruv Voyage. We speak to the headlining international acts, to find out more.From February 10-12.Free entry. Details: seher.in

    Smooth Scandinavian jazz is weaved with Mozambican percussion by this band. A musical ensemble featuring artistes originally from Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabweai??i??who met each other during a cultural exchange programmeai??i??Monosweziai??i??s sound captures the essence of the diverse landscapes. Armed with three critically acclaimed albums, the quintet is headed to India. ai???Weai??i??ve a new album coming out later this year and I play a lot of harmonium on it,ai??? explains saxophonist Hallvard Godal, elaborating, ai???It feels strange coming from Norway playing African music on a harmonium made in Delhi for people in Udaipur.ai??? Details: monoswezi.com

    zoeOfficina ZoA?
    Music associated with an ancient Dionysian healing ritual forms the crux of Officina ZoA?. In the past two decades, not only have this sextet crafted eight albums (including Mamma Sirena) but their frequent world tours have revived the pizzica tarantataai??i??an old form of upbeat and trance-inducing music with roots in Italyai??i??s Salento region. The award-winning band explains that they will showcase an ai???ethnic trance therapy music sessionai??i?? at the Udaipur event, as it draws many parallels with minimalistic forms of traditional Indian music. Details: officinazoe.com

    yilianYilian Canizares Eve mentat character orders
    This violinist/vocalist is truly a global citizen. Born in Cuba and currently residing in Switzerland, Yilian Canizaresai??i?? jazz-influenced discography reflects her cultural heritage. ai???There are many popular notions about my country and its music, but they only know a part of it. When I go on stage I donai??i??t want to deliver a message that is only addressed to Cubans but to every human on Earth,ai??? shares Yilian. Currently on tourai??i??with stops in France, Norway, Haiti, Romania and Italyai??i??to promote her album InvocaciA?n, the composer makes her Indian debut at Udaipur. Details: yiliancanizares.com

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