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Bengalurua��s Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates opens at Swarnabhoomi

At first, there were twoa��brought together by piano, drums and jamming sessions. A year later, in 2014, the duo grew into a quartet and today they are Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates. An experimental funk band based out of Bengaluru, its four membersa��Mana Dhanraj (vocals), Sidhant Jain (guitar), Kavita Sarna (bass) and Navneet Rao (drums)a��are gearing up for their first performance in the city today. There’s just one small detail they need to take care of firsta��attend their graduation ceremony at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)! a�?Mana and I are the founding members. We met the other two when we joined SAM,a�? begins Rao, explaining that their half-an-hour set post the ceremony will include five songs and a jam.
Though they are still students, their mastery over music is anything but amateurish. Bringing in various interestsa��from jazz, rock and R&B to metal, progressive and Carnatica��the band has already released an EP and debuted their full-fledged album, Tidy Funk, late last year. a�?Our sound has rich vocal layers over strains of Latin, funk, R&B and jazz. There’s even konnakol, the Carnatic art of verbal percussion, in it,a�? says the 25-year-old.
With songs written by all four membersa��reflecting their personal lives and the journey of the banda��they recently performed at the Nariyal Paani Music Festival in Alibaug. a�?At the SAM concert we will be playing original songs from our album,a�? says Jain, 20, adding that they are currently working on new compositions and hammering out details for music shows around the country. And though a couple of them are going abroad to study music later in the year, the four will continue jamming online (a�?perhaps over Skypea�?).

Today, at Rani Seethai Hall, from 5 pm. Book your free pass at 8939992665

a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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