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Bengaluru’s Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates opens at Swarnabhoomi

At first, there were two—brought together by piano, drums and jamming sessions. A year later, in 2014, the duo grew into a quartet and today they are Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates. An experimental funk band based out of Bengaluru, its four members—Mana Dhanraj (vocals), Sidhant Jain (guitar), Kavita Sarna (bass) and Navneet Rao (drums)—are gearing up for their first performance in the city today. There’s just one small detail they need to take care of first—attend their graduation ceremony at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)! “Mana and I are the founding members. We met the other two when we joined SAM,” begins Rao, explaining that their half-an-hour set post the ceremony will include five songs and a jam.
Though they are still students, their mastery over music is anything but amateurish. Bringing in various interests—from jazz, rock and R&B to metal, progressive and Carnatic—the band has already released an EP and debuted their full-fledged album, Tidy Funk, late last year. “Our sound has rich vocal layers over strains of Latin, funk, R&B and jazz. There’s even konnakol, the Carnatic art of verbal percussion, in it,” says the 25-year-old.
With songs written by all four members—reflecting their personal lives and the journey of the band—they recently performed at the Nariyal Paani Music Festival in Alibaug. “At the SAM concert we will be playing original songs from our album,” says Jain, 20, adding that they are currently working on new compositions and hammering out details for music shows around the country. And though a couple of them are going abroad to study music later in the year, the four will continue jamming online (“perhaps over Skype”).

Today, at Rani Seethai Hall, from 5 pm. Book your free pass at 8939992665

—Surya Praphulla Kumar


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