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    Addressing sensitive topics like gender bias, sexist jokes and sexuality, Gender Talk a�� Big Hero, Size Zero by authors Anusha Hariharan and Sowmya Rajendran, launches tomorrow

    Sexist jokes, the meaning of consent, gender stereotyping a�� these are some of the topics that Sowmya Rajendran and Anusha Hariharan talk about in their book Gender Talk a�� Big Hero, Size Zero. Rajendran, who barely weeks ago unveiled Wings to Fly, an inspiring book for children about paralympian Malathi Holla, jumped at the opportunity to write about a topic that she feels strongly about. a�?When Tulika Books commissioned us to write a non-fiction book for young adults, we knew that it had to be on gender violence,a�? says the co-author, who has a masters in gender studies from the University of Sussex, UK. To be launched tomorrow at Ashvita Bistro, via a panel discussion on the subject, this book uses statistics and excerpts from news reports to not only introduce readers to the many shades of gender violence, but also point out how to identify and avoid them.
    One of their examples in the book is from the Nirbhaya protests. a�?A lot of people resorted to foul language without realising that the words they were using were actually derogatory towards women,a�? she says, explaining that ita��s pointing out instances like these that will help young readers identify and move away from conformist behaviour that they come across in their peer circles where a�?behaviour is imitative,a�? and the pop culture they consume. And with the authors targeting an audience of 13 plus, they have enlisted the help of Niveditha Subramaniam to pepper the book with illustrations. a�?It has a good balance of text and cartoon strips, and for those who want to dig deeper into the subject, we have suggested links for further reading,a�? shares Pune-based Rajendran, who, along with her co-author Hariharan, who did most of research for the book, will join human rights lawyer Gulika Reddy for the panel discussion at Ashvita Bistro tomorrow. One of the main focusses of the discussion will be about how gender violence is relevant to young people, Rajendran shares.
    On April 18, from 5 pm at Ashvita Bistro. The book is priced at Rs 225. Details: 9884981271

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