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    Jason Silva combines science with interactive technology on Brain Games

    Starting this Monday, let Jason Silva blow your mind with his interactive experiments that will reveal the inner-workings of your brain. a�?It is a participatory series, where viewers interact with me, through the TV. Ita��s a fun show that actually makes science interesting,a�? begins Silva, who apart from hosting the show, is busy uploading videos on Shot of Awe a�� a series of clips where he explores a�?life, death, immortality, big ideas, the conscious minda��. And for sceptics out there, Silva promises fact-based experiments. a�?With Brain Games, you experience it yourself and not just sit back and judge. Ita��s a very stimulating watch,a�? he assures us. The Emmy-nominated programme will run for 10 episodes and tackle serious topics such as language, superstition, patterns, anger, sex and intuition. a�?People will enjoy the episode on addiction,a�? Silva shares, elaborating, a�?Bio chemicals get you addicted to bad stuff like drugs and good things like exercise and meditation. So the series is about busting certain myths about the brain,a�? he explains.
    Master mind
    Inspired by his mother, a teacher, writer and artist, Silva urges people to ask questions and step outside comfort zones to learn about who we really are. a�?Travelling, getting to know people, asking questions, readinga��the world has become inquisitive and curious,a�? he smiles.
    In 50 years, Silva hopes to be immortal (because he loves life) and on-board an interstellar ship to a new universe. Post this Brain Games season, he hopes to work on interactive theatre. a�?Ia��d like to understand how people react to a particular situation on stage. Ia��d be fascinated to combine the stimuli, their reaction and science to get an experimental conclusion,a�? he signs off.
    Starts September 15. Weekends A�at 9 pm on National A�Geographic Channel

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