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    WHAT surprised French designer Vincent Déclety the most on his arrival in India, three years ago, was the number of people working with their hands. It triggered his curiosity for handloom and handicrafts which culminated in the launch of the ethical fashion brand, Indigenoser1 (7)us Industries, two weeks ago. Co-owned with Aadil Ansari from Ahmedabad, the brand retails from its sea-facing boutique on Serenity Beach.
    Be it grinding  roots and nuts into dyes or creating handmade paper tags from recycled fabric waste, it stays as close to nature as possible. “You will find only classic pieces like shirts, tees, chinos or skirts, but it is the fit, fabric and tones that set us apart,” says Déclety. Organic cotton, eri silk and handloom linen are fashioned into quirky staples like a pair of batik boxer shorts.
    Using natural dyes limits the colour palette, Déclety admits, particularly when screen printing tees. “But we are happy with the different shades we have for every colour, which is not easy to replicate with chemical dyes,” he adds. For instance, dried roots of the common madder plant impart an earthy red while the nut of the terminalia chebula tree gives a warm yellow. The latter also doubles up as a mordant—a substance that helps fabrics retain dyes longer.
    “Ultimately, we want to democratise the use of natural dyes by making these fabrics easy to wear and maintain,” says Déclety, adding the boutique will hold regular workshops where people can learn about traditional dyeing processes.
    From Rs 750. Shortly available online at indigenousindustries.com. Details: 96777129 20
    — Olympia Shilpa Gerald


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