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Not much change at the top of the charts but we give you the best of the rest

9. How I feel a�� Flo Rida
American rapper Flo Rida returns with this catchy tune from his upcoming album The Perfect 10 with sounds from the Bassnectar remix of the hit song Feeling Good. Another one of his songs that could well turn into a club anthem soon, How I Feel has a vintage feel with fun and playful lyrics. The video was shot entirely on location at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas apparently. Listen and expect to dance instantly.

10. Old School love a�� Lupe FiascoA�(featuring Ed Sheeran)
Wistfully singing about 80s style true love, Lupe Fiasco subtly critiques the music of current times relating the genrea��s loss of innocence to the crime and struggle currently plaguing his hometown, Chicago. A lovely ballad with hip-hop beats.

11. The Spark a�� Afrojack featuringA�(Spree Wilson)
Dutch record producer Afrojack brings on the boy-band vocals of Spree Wilson for this club track that will have you bouncing and dancing within no time. A little similar in lyrics and concept to Katy Perrya��s Firework, The Spark has effervescent
guitar strums, soothing airy vocals, trademark synths and pounding percussion.

12. Of the Night a�� Bastille
A song that was created almost by mistake, when Singer Dan Smith was easing his voice back following an illness. British rock band Bastille really surprises with this number that is essentially a mash-up of the 1993 hit The Rhythm of the Night by Italian Eurodance band Corona and the 1992 hit Rhythm Is a Dancer by German Eurodance group Snap. Could take a little getting used to this one.

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