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South African band Ohgod  eads to the city

South African band Ohgod, although categorised as progressive and alternative rock, takes inspiration from different genres. “We take bits of things and fuse them together. We like to create a sense of freedom within our music,” says Mark Woolfrey, the bassist, adding, “We seldom set out to write a particular song style. Typically, our songs just evolve naturally.” Their latest EP Forest Feuds is the perfect example of how they like to make their music. It captures the most organic and fluid representation of their sound. They have chosen to keep it instrumental as they believe music is a universal language that speaks to people in ways that words can’t. “There is great progressive rock coming out of SA and we are super stoked to be part of the movement,” Woolfrey sums up. Rs 300. December 29, 8 pm. At Indigo Live Music Bar, Koramangala.

Details: 25535330

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