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Lithium how much Artist Aloud teams up with Indi.com to fly a band to LA

The Indian independent music scene is ready for a global audience. All it requires is a push in the right direction. The music platform Artist Aloud and website Indi.com are giving an opportunity to Indian musicians and bands to take their music to international levels. The winner of this contest, titled LA Calling, will get a chance to meet Grammy-winning musician John Shanks and also be awarded a free distribution deal by Artist Aloud.

Artist Aloud is a platform that promotes musicians and composers who create popular music and help them distribute their original tracks, enabling them to reach out to their fans. ai???We are looking for an individual, duo or a band that has an original style. We are open to any genre or language,ai??? explains Soumini Sridhara Paul, VP of Artist Aloud. Any band or individual who believes that they can create quality ai???non-filmai??? music and generate buzz can participate.

John Shanks is an American songwriter, guitarist and music producer who has produced songs for Carlos Santana, Celine Dion, Sting, Hilary Duff, Alanis Morissette and Ashlee Simpson among others. In 2005, he won the Grammy Award for Producer of the Year in the Non-Classical category for his work on various albums that year.

The winner will be selected from a shortlist and mentored by John. It will be an all- expenses-paid trip and they will also get a chance to perform at Hard Rock Cafe in LA.

Indi.com has a strong viral platform and Arist Aloud has access to talent, making for an ideal partnership. ai???John is a legend in the music world and he has shown that he can guide musicians to fame. I urge everyone to make the best of this challenge, showcase the best of your talent, and compete for the top spot,ai??? sums up Soumini.

Details: indi.com/artistaloud/lacalling
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