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Freishia Bomen-behram on the joys of travel and the art of making friends

Having starred in mainstream Hollywood productions like The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, Bloodmonkey and When Harry Tries to Marry, Mumbai-based actress Freishia Bomenbehram, has also enjoyed success on stage and television. Now Bomenbehram is back on television as the host of NDTV Good Times’ latest travel series, Hangout Amreeka. The month-long series covers three distinct American cities – New York, Seattle and Chicago, with a fun new concept. In her words, “Pretty much everything fun to do, chill out and yet explore the culture of each city is focused on.” We bring you her take on the show, travel and being an extrovert.

OTBAnchor4Hangout Amreeka for you.
I had such a blast traveling to three amazing cities and exploring them in a way that anyone who wants to live young would. If even 50 per cent  of that energy gets translated onto screen, Hangout Amreeka should be a cool ride.

Highlights of the journey.
The beauty is that everything was very spontaneous (as hanging out should be).  The most fun day was in Seattle — we were at a bar catching a big game and made friends with some folks there. They took us to a beer pumpkin festival at a massive brewery where we tasted mouth watering pumpkin beer and hung out with some really cool folks!

Deconstructing America.
The places we’ve explored don’t show up on normal Google searches, these are places that anyone who wants to live young will enjoy visiting. Also in today’s world of instant connectivity, hash tags and selfies, we’ve made sure that the places we go to get instantly uploaded on Twitter so that viewers can check them out. It was 20 days of meeting awesome people, witnessing a part of history in each city without going to a boring museum, and eating the most mind boggling food.

From the stage to television host. Your journey thus far.
In one word — fun! I’ve learned to say to the universe “thank you, more please” (one of my all time favourite movies by the way).

Your travel essentials.
Convertor plugs, a good smart phone to map my way and instantly upload my experiences, and the good sense to always talk to the locals for the best places to visit and  hangout.

The show premieres this evening at 8 pm.

Susanna Chandy


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