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The author shares his inspirations, favourite books and what to expect from his Ram Chandra series

It was much-anticipated and quite expected. When Amish Tripathi announced at the recent Jaipur Literature Festival that his next series would revolve around Lord Ram, our first thought was, a�?but of coursea��.a�? Since then therea��s been a flood of information: a harsh comment about Lord Ram at another literature festival had triggered the idea (a�?I was so upset by it, this is my replya�?); the first book of the Ram Chandra series, Scion of Ikshvaku, will come out by October this year; and the marketing will be extremely innovativea��much like the video trailers that launched his Shiva Trilogy.
a�?I already have the entire story and the ending in mind. I just need to figure out how many books the series will havea��definitely more than three,a�? smiles Tripathi, who is re-reading popular works like Valmikia��s Ramayan and the Ramcharitmanas, along with lesser-known versions like the Sri Ramayana Darshanam in Kannada, as part of his research.
Meanwhile, what does he read for fun? The author who has stated that he reads between four and eight books every month (a�?Ia��ve been doing this for decadesa�?), says a�?I am interested in ancient myths of all cultures, and I read them alla��from Indian to Khemit and Hellenic.a�? But currently on his bedside table is BR Ambedkara��s Who Were the Shudras?
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