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As art exhibitions and auctions are becoming common place in Chennai, it might be the right time to up your artistic know-how. Trying to spark an interest in art appreciation and kick-start a conversation on it is Ashvita Cafea��s fine art section, which is screening a weeka��s worth of films and documentaries about the art world.

a�?Art is an important part of life, but very little is being done, especially in Chennai, to bring that to the forefront,a�? says Ashvin Rajagopalan, director of Ashvita. a�?There is no forum for people to appreciate and learn about art. That is what we hope to do with this screening,a�? he adds.

The screening kicks off on August 18 with a film made by one of Indiaa��s most famous painters of this century, M F Husain, followed by a documentary about the artist. The day will also see a short film on the life of noted Bengali painter, Ganesh Pyne. a�?We want to give a rough idea of the history of art to those who are new to it. And we thought wea��d do it through a visual medium like this as we thought it would have more impact than a lecture series or talks,a�? says Rajagopalan.

The screening isna��t just restricted to Indian art. The documentaries lined up cover a wide range of artists and genres from post-impressionist painters like Vincent Van Gogh to modern day graffiti artists like Banksy and Jean-Michael Basquiet.
Screenings will be held at Ashvita, Besant Nagar, at 7 pm from August 18 – 22. Details: 9791088189

a��Janane Venkatraman



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