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As art exhibitions and auctions are becoming common place in Chennai, it might be the right time to up your artistic know-how. Trying to spark an interest in art appreciation and kick-start a conversation on it is Ashvita Cafe’s fine art section, which is screening a week’s worth of films and documentaries about the art world.

“Art is an important part of life, but very little is being done, especially in Chennai, to bring that to the forefront,” says Ashvin Rajagopalan, director of Ashvita. “There is no forum for people to appreciate and learn about art. That is what we hope to do with this screening,” he adds.

The screening kicks off on August 18 with a film made by one of India’s most famous painters of this century, M F Husain, followed by a documentary about the artist. The day will also see a short film on the life of noted Bengali painter, Ganesh Pyne. “We want to give a rough idea of the history of art to those who are new to it. And we thought we’d do it through a visual medium like this as we thought it would have more impact than a lecture series or talks,” says Rajagopalan.

The screening isn’t just restricted to Indian art. The documentaries lined up cover a wide range of artists and genres from post-impressionist painters like Vincent Van Gogh to modern day graffiti artists like Banksy and Jean-Michael Basquiet.
Screenings will be held at Ashvita, Besant Nagar, at 7 pm from August 18 – 22. Details: 9791088189

—Janane Venkatraman



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