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    Radio is a medium where even the smallest goof-up looks like unimaginable catastrophes. This is simply because itai??i??s only the sound that comes at you, with nothing else to distract. When you view your favorite TV show, apart from the content that you are consuming, there are countless other things on screen that catch your attention. However, thatai??i??s not the case with radio. So why do faux pas occur, when you only have to deal with sound?
    The answer is simple. The wrong individuals are chosen for the job. I might know a few jokes, but that does not make me a standup comedian. Likewise, just knowing a few tricks doesnai??i??t really make me ready to take on Dynamo. Iai??i??ve heard this before, ai???My spouse says I sound awesome on the phone, do you think I can get a job as a presenter in a radio station?ai??? Now, a faux pas happens when that individual is given the job.
    Quite honestly, itai??i??s only in Chennai that bad radio moments happen as often as the rains in Cherrapunjiai??i??from presenters leaving their microphones on and having a nice chat, to abusing people on-air and, of course, downright sleaze when presenters blow kisses to the listeners. The other day, I caught a countdown show on radio. The music was perfect, but what spoilt the party was an annoying voice that kept stating the number of the song followed by ai???Here we goai???.
    Imagine listening to the same line repeated over 50 times. I tuned off after a couple of songs because the voice and the delivery was extremely amateurish, albeit a little amusing. Chennai deserves better. Listen to a Ryan Seacrest or a Shadow Stevens and be inspired. We listeners sure know the difference between class and crass. Please give us the former.
    See you next week with more radio talk!

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