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With Indian inflections, Kalpana Raoa��s musical inheritanceA�is truly international

Jetting in from Zurich, her home for the last 28 years, singer Kalpana Rao teams up with the city’s jazz elite to form a a�?for one night onlya�� band. Bringing together Aman Mahajan on the piano, Prakash KN on bass, drummer Jeoraj George, and of course Raoa��s sensual vocals, the quarter will perform an eclectic set of famous and lesser-known jazz standards, as well as contemporary songs.

Cross country
Born in Germany, raised in India, living in Switzerland and performing worldwide, Rao credits her globe-trotting with shaping her sound. Hindustani classical, Bollywood, folk music, ghazals and bhajans were all early influences, and a stint at jazz school also helped. a�?My jazz vocals have a subtle and yet discernible Indian inflection to them,a�? Rao shares, elaborating, a�?This happens most during improvisation. The Indian tonalities come very naturally to me.a�?

Family matters
Despite training as a dentist, Raoa��s musical genes were too strong to be ignored.Daughter of playback singer and TV performer Kamla Sista, and sister of pop diva and actress Suneeta Rao we can understand exactly why. a�?I have been singing since the age of four, and after graduating from college I realised how much I really wanted to exploit my talent,a�? she says. Squeezing this Bangalore concert into a trip to celebrate her mothera��s 75th birthday, shea��s most looking forward to the audience interaction. a�?The Indian audience expresses its appreciation in a much more overt manner than a Swiss crowd,a�? she signs off.

At bFlat, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Tickets (Rs. 300) on bookmyshow.com

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