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    What to expect at Big Bang Theory, the citya��s newest watering hole

    Bang in the middle of Kodam-bakkam, this new resto bar boasts of being the only one of its kind in the area. Promoted and conceptualised by Arasu Dennis, Big Bang Theory was launched last weekend in the Brown Star boutique hotel. The roomy 65-seater has a snug bar counter and a retro themed DJ box. Even as we smile familiarly at all, a�?We never repeat a dish or a concept,a�? assures Dennis of his team that includes chef Vamsi Mohan (formerly with Courtyard by Marriott). As the brand consultant, Dennis shares, a�?One of my favourite bites is a prawn vada I had eaten at a beach side joint in Sri Lanka years back. I took it to Zara (the Tapas Bar) as the bacon wrapped prawn, bacon wrapped chicken in Illusions (the Madras Pub), bacon wrapped sausage in Small World and here it is the bacon wrapped beef!a�? The dish turns out to be bite sized, sitting on squares of toast with a dollop of beetroot flavoured mayonnaise, topped with melted cheese. Next up are deep fried puff pastry rolls stuffed with chicken, mushroom and cheese, with a smidgen of rosemary. As I sip on a concoction of crushed strawberry and mint leaves, the mains arrive. Served on a granite slab a�?that took a month to cure and is only used for red meat,a�? the lamb shanks (Lamborgini) slide off the bone and come with coleslaw, green peas mash, garlic bread and gravy. Having stuffed ourselves we give a pass to the churros even as Dennis informs us, a�?We have a waffle and coffee counter coming up soon.a�?
    Meal for two Rs 1,300 onward (excluding drinks). Details: 9962094206

    Sabrina Rajan


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