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    Arundhati Menon returns with a new line of handloom saris at Samasta

    Introducing a range of graceful hand-spun silks, silk cottons and linens in time for the upcoming spring season, textile aficionado Arundhati Menon offers a striking palette of hues to mark one year of her label, Abha. Look out for sumptuous tussar saris which are lovingly hand-block printed and embroidered with Menona��s distinctive designs. a�?Ia��ve used the fish motif in this collection,a�? Menon shares. a�?The fish being a beloved motif in Bengal and a sign of prosperity.a�?
    Marked by both ebullient and earthy tones, one will find acute angles executed in hand-block prints in fiery vermilion to florals in sunny saffron. Also of note are the luxurious Upada silk saris in spicy hues of orange, rust, chutney green and more. a�?Ia��1m so overwhelmed by the fabulous response to Abha this past year. Each piece is handcrafted and can sometimes take months to complete.a�? And this is what inspires her to continue her remarkable work.
    Known for her passion for reviving and supporting handloom weaving, Menona��s keen interest in providing a platform for artisans has taken her from weaversa�� villages in Phulia, West Bengal, to chikan work specialists in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. a�?It is imperative that young people are aware of our rich textile variety,a�? the revivalist says. a�?Skilled labour is rare to find these days.a�? The kind of skill that has characterised her exquisite designs for the last 35 years. a�?The weavers are growing older and their children dona��t seem to be interested in continuing their work. Thata��s why ita��s so important for us to appreciate them and keep the craft alive,a�? she signs off.
    Available from today at Samasta. Cottons from Rs 1,880 and silks from Rs 2,880. Details: 42188118

    Shibi Kumaramangalam


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