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    Traditional South Indian artwork, sungdi takes centrestage at Azurea��s latest summer collection

    WITH temperatures soaring high, summer fashion just got better with a traditional touch on breezy cottons. Azure boutiquea��s latest collection offers a palette of moody blues and bright summer hues like orange, peach and yellow, featuring the sungudi crafta��where the fabric is tied and dyed to create unusual patterns. Originating from Madurai, the art form is on a revival spree as the World Crafts Council collaborates with Azure, to give the fabric a contemporary twist.
    Anuradha Pashupathi, a designer working closely with World Crafts Council, said, a�?We started the revival of sungudi in 2008 and it was done by a community of people who belonged from the Saurashtra region. So through the years the artwork got eroded and we wanted to redevelop it the way it was originally practised, as a tie-and-dye craft. Earlier sungudi was only seen on saris, but now ita��s a great opportunity for us to see the younger generation carry on this traditional artwork in modern styles. Azure is a stepping stone for us to showcase sungudiA� in mainstream garments.a�?
    Dots and dashes
    Offering Indo-western silhouettes like cap sleeves, button down dresses, three-fourth sleeved tunics, maxi dresses and kurtas, the collection makes for perfect everyday wear with dots and buttas of various sizes and shapes. Like bandhini, the sungudi fabric relies heavily on handwork and the price depends on the number and size of the knots incorporated when dyeing the fabric. However, this collection comes in an affordable range.

    At the Azure store, priced from Rs 1,390. Details: 24670452

    Srishti Dasgupta


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